In the Maule region, one of the oldest winegrowing regions in Chile, it is common to hear talk among the locals about the legend of the “Convento Viejo.” The convent was a colonial structure with majestic airtight doors behind which, so it is said, old-world Franciscan monks jealously guarded a spiritual tradition. This ancient secret was a wine made from grapes macerated in clay basins. The mystical concoction fortified the body and the spirit, bringing happiness and good health to all that drank it. In order to acquire this precious mead, the residents of Maule would leave an empty jug outside their houses, hoping to find it spilling over with wine the next day. When their fervent wish was granted, they invited their neighbors and friends to come share the miraculous gift and give thanks to life.  


Foye or Canelo is the sacred tree of the Mapuche Indians of southern Chile. The Canelo flower symbolizes the woman and her power to give life, and the possibility of rebirth. Foye reproduces in each bottle the vineyard tradition rooted in the South of Chile, to deliver wines of excellence.


Sillanki means “swallow” in the language of the Aymara people, natives of northern chile. This migratory bird, symbol of temperance and effort, after travelling thousands of miles every summer, can be seen resting in VFC cellar.


Soleca is the pseudonym of "Soledad", under which the stamp of the women linked to the viticultural history of Viñas Bisquertt has been forged. A trio of women passionate about wine, which began thanks to the innovative drive of Soledad Urrutia Parot, co-founder of Viña Bisquertt, who was joined by her daughter Soledad Bisquertt Urrutia, current partner of Viña Bisquertt, and her young granddaughter Soledad Montes Bisquertt. Soleca wines are a genuine and authentic tribute to the legacy of these three women bound by the same destiny.

Astral is the state between the soul and the body that begins after death, when the soul begins its ascending journey and the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body to use his astral body to move to higher planes.